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Classic Jaguar Association Swap Meet Dec 8,2017 Lake Forest, Calif



The Classic Jaguar Association is dedicated to the preservation and restoration of all classic Jaguar automobiles. The club was originally founded as a way to network those interested in early SS and pre-War Jaguars. The club's scope has expanded since then however to encompass all classic Jaguars from SS automobiles all the way up through the XJ-S and XJ-6 cars of the 1980's.

The Classic Jaguar Association offers membership to owners of SS Cars and classic Jaguar automobiles and those who have interest in these cars.

As a member, you will receive our publication, The News and Technical Bulletin, which offers free classified advertising for non-commercial members. We also offer registries of most of the SS and classic Jaguars. We do encourage our members to list their cars in our registries.




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